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Issue 1 (1) 2002 pp. 55–66

Magdalena Gantner, Bożenna Jaśkiewicz


Abstract: The aim of the study was to recognise the species composition of beetles (Coleoptera) population occurring on hazel shrubs. Three-year studies were carried out on three ecosystems: on the cultivated hazelnut plantation, on an unprotected one and on shrubs of common hazel in the forest. The presence of 63 species was detected. The smallest number of species (22) and individuals (535) was noted in the protected plantation and the highest number in an unprotected one (46 species and 2787 individuals). In the forest the presence of 46 species and 1317 individuals was observed. The dominant species among beetles on hazel plantation in south-eastern Poland are from weevils’ family (Curculionidae). Curculio nucum and leaf-eaters from Phyllobius sp. genus were most often collected. The remaining species that were observed are non-economic pests of hazelnut, but giving up suitable chemical pest control and horticultural treatment results in an increase of their number. At that situation the number of species characteristic of common hazel growing in the forest increased on large-fruited hazel too. The species composition, number, dominance and the topic and trophic groups of Coleoptera adults are given in this paper.
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Keywords: Coleoptera, beetles, hazelnut, protected and unprotected plantation, forest

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MLA Gantner, Magdalena, and Bożenna Jaśkiewicz. "BEETLES (Coleoptera) OCCURRING ON HAZEL (Corylus L.) IN DIFFERENT HABITAT CONDITIONS." Acta Sci.Pol. Hortorum Cultus 1.1 (2002): 1.
APA Gantner, M., & Jaśkiewicz, B. (2002). BEETLES (Coleoptera) OCCURRING ON HAZEL (Corylus L.) IN DIFFERENT HABITAT CONDITIONS. Acta Sci.Pol. Hortorum Cultus 1 (1), 1.
ISO 690 GANTNER, Magdalena, JAśKIEWICZ, Bożenna. BEETLES (Coleoptera) OCCURRING ON HAZEL (Corylus L.) IN DIFFERENT HABITAT CONDITIONS. Acta Sci.Pol. Hortorum Cultus, 2002, 1.1: 1.
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