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Issue 13 (5) 2014 pp. 117–129

Agata Goryluk-Salmonowicz, Małgorzata Borys, Hanna Rekosz-Burlaga

Cultivable microorganisms inhabiting the aerial parts of Hypericum perforatum

Abstract: The present investigation was carried out to analyse the presence of endophytes in the above-ground parts of Hipericum perforatum and to analyse the biodiversity and enumeration of epiphytes. Plant material was collected in Poland three times during the growing season. Phenotypic and genotypic diversity of all the endophytes and the most abundant epiphytes were researched. We analysed fungistatic activity of this isolates. From the endosphere of tested plant Alcaligenes faecalis and Bacillus licheniformis were isolated. The most numerous epiphytes were the copiotrophs and a bit less numerous were oligotrophs, bacteria cultivated on Bunt and Rovir’s medium and fungi. The least numerous bacteria were Azotobacter sp. Among all the molds dominant were: Cladosporium herbarum, C. cladosporioides and Alternaria consortialis, A. alternata, Clonostachys rosea f. catenulata (Gliocladium catenulatum), Scopulariopsis brevicaulis and Penicillium terrestre. Among phyllobacteria there were found mostly the following species: Burkholderia cepacia, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Acinetobacter baumannii, Pseudomonas fluorescens, P. putida, Pantoea agglomerans, Paenibacillus polymyxa, Bacillus cereus, Rhodococcus sp., R. erythropolis and Cellulosimicrobium cellulans. The broadest spectrum of antifungal activity was examined for the following species: Paenibacillus polymyxa, Pseudomonas putida and Pantoea agglomerans. P. polymyxa limited the growth of over 82% tested molds, so did the other two strains: P. agglomerans over 77% and P. putida over 73%.
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Keywords: microorganisms colonizing herbs, St. John’s wort, endophytes, epiphytes, fungistatic activity

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MLA Goryluk-Salmonowicz, Agata, et al. "Cultivable microorganisms inhabiting the aerial parts of Hypericum perforatum." Acta Sci.Pol. Hortorum Cultus 13.5 (2014): 13.
APA Goryluk-Salmonowicz, A., Borys, M., & Rekosz-Burlaga, H. (2014). Cultivable microorganisms inhabiting the aerial parts of Hypericum perforatum. Acta Sci.Pol. Hortorum Cultus 13 (5), 13.
ISO 690 GORYLUK-SALMONOWICZ, Agata, BORYS, Małgorzata, REKOSZ-BURLAGA, Hanna. Cultivable microorganisms inhabiting the aerial parts of Hypericum perforatum. Acta Sci.Pol. Hortorum Cultus, 2014, 13.5: 13.
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