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Issue 15 (5) 2016 pp. 3–14

Aleksandar Leposavić, Djurdjina Ružić, Žaklina Karaklajić-Stajić, Radosav Cerović, Tatjana Vujović, Edward Żurawicz, Olga Mitrović


Abstract: The objective of this study was to test yield and fruit quality of the red raspberry ‘Meeker’ and the blackberry ‘Čačanska Bestrna’ propagated using the standard method (ST) and in vitro, by tissue culture (TC). The monitored parameters included the total number of canes, cane number per one metre of the planted row, yield per cane (raspberry) or per bush (blackberry) and total yield. Monitoring fruit quality parameters included the weight and dimensions of fruit, the number, weight and dimensions of individual drupelets and weight of drupelet seeds. No significant differences were determined either for the total number of canes and/or the cane number per row metre in plants originating from both types of planting material in both genotypes. Significant differences were observed to the advantage of the raspberry ST plants, in the total yield, as well as the fruit weight in the blackberry ST plants. A significantly higher weight of drupelet seeds was observed in TC plants of both genotypes. Concerning the organoleptic assessment of fruits, no significant differences were recorded between fruits coming from ST and TC plants.
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Keywords: raspberry, blackberry, planting material, yield, fruit quality

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MLA Leposavić, Aleksandar, et al. "FIELD PERFORMANCE OF MICROPROPAGATED Rubus SPECIES." Acta Sci.Pol. Hortorum Cultus 15.5 (2016): 15.
APA Leposavić, A., Ružić, D., Karaklajić-Stajić, ., Cerović, R., Vujović, T., Żurawicz, E., & Mitrović, O. (2016). FIELD PERFORMANCE OF MICROPROPAGATED Rubus SPECIES. Acta Sci.Pol. Hortorum Cultus 15 (5), 15.
ISO 690 LEPOSAVIć, Aleksandar, et al. FIELD PERFORMANCE OF MICROPROPAGATED Rubus SPECIES. Acta Sci.Pol. Hortorum Cultus, 2016, 15.5: 15.
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