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Aim and scope

The original scientific double blind peer-reviewed papers published in ACTA Scientiarum Polonorum Hortorum Cultus journal cover main aspects of horticulture science.

It involves fundamental and applied research, including selected subjects of morphology, anatomy, physiology, genetics and breeding, growing, nutrition, protection of horticultural plants, as well as assessing the quality of horticultural crops.

All of these problems can be put into following topics:

  • Morphology, anatomy and physiology f horticultural plants
  • Modern systems of breeding, cultivation and nutrition of horticultural plants
  • Ontogenetic and genetic factors shaping the quantity and quality of horticultural crops.
  • The impact of growing conditions and environmental factors on the chemical composition and biochemical properties of horticultural products
  • Healing and health promoting properties of horticultural products
  • Effects of storage of horticulture crops on the stability and biological activity of bioactive components and their metabolites
  • Economic aspects related to the production of horticultural
  • Any subject at the interface between horticulture production and its quality