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Issue 11 (1) 2012


Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 3–11
Izabela Kot, Katarzyna Kmieć
Study on intensity of infestation, biology and harmfulness of wolly beech aphid (Phyllaphis fagi L.) on Fagus sylvatica (L.)
Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 13–25
Urszula Gawlik-Dziki, Michał Świeca, Danuta Sugier
Enhancement of antioxidant abilities and the lipoxygenase and xanthine oxidase inhibitory activity of broccoli sprouts by biotic elicitors
Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 27–37
Ireneusz Sosna, Maria Licznar-Małańczuk
Growth, yielding and tree survivability of several apricot cultivars on Myrobalan and ‘Wangenheim Prune’ seedlings
Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 39–46
Ewa Mirzwa-Mróz, Ryszard Dzięcioł, Emilian Pitera, Adam Jurkowski
Influence of sooty blotch and flyspeck (SBFS) fungi on apple fruits during storage
Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 47–55
Elżbieta Kozik, Ewelina Wojciechowska, Małgorzata Pacholska
A comparison of the effect of mineral and chelate forms of copper, zinc and manganese on yield and nutrient status of greenhouse lettuce
Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 57–68
Elżbieta Kaczmarska
Inbreeding depression for yield and yield components in Fragaria × ananassa Duch.
Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 69–80
Elżbieta Malinowska, Stanisław Kalembasa
The yield and content of Ti, Fe, Mn, Cu in celery leaves (Apium graveolens L. var. dulce Mill. Pers.) as a result of tytanit application
Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 81–91
Marzena Parzymies, Marek Dąbski
The effect of cytokinin types and their concentration on in vitro multiplication of Clematis viticella (L.) and Clematis integrifolia ‘Petit Faucon’
Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 93–107
Ewa Zalewska
Growth and sporulation of Septoria carvi Syd. in different culture conditions
Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 109–119
Zenia Michałojć, Halina Buczkowska
The nutritional status of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) depending on plant training method and nitrogen fertilization
Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 121–131
Beata Janowska, Anna Stanecka, Beata Czarnecka
Postharvest longevity of the leaves of the calla lily (Zantedeschia Spreng.)
Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 133–144
Iwona Szot, Justyna Wieniarska
Effect of foliar applications of Goëmar® BM 86 and soil applied calcium nitrate on yield and berry quality of two blue honeysuckle cultivars
Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 145–159
Robert Rosa, Anna Zaniewicz-Bajkowska, Edyta Kosterna, Jolanta Franczuk
Phacelia and amaranth catch crops in sweet corn cultivation. Part I. Corn yields
Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 161–169
Anna Zaniewicz-Bajkowska, Robert Rosa, Edyta Kosterna, Jolanta Franczuk
Phacelia and amaranth catch crops in sweet corn cultivation. Part II. Selected components of nutritive value of corn
Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 171–182
Barbara Kołodziej, Sylwia Winiarska
The effect of selected cultivation methods on yield and quality of artichoke (Cynara scolymus L.) raw material
Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 183–192
Aleksander Stachowiak, Sławomir Świerczyński
Phenological, morphological and genetic variability of 15 clones of rootstocks for apple
Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 193–204
Anita Biesiada, Anna Tomczak
Usability of different types and cultivars of salad chicory (Cichorium intybus L. var. foliosum (Hegi) Bish.) for spring cultivation
Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 205–214
Dariusz Wach, Marzena Błażewicz-Woźniak
Effect of foliar fertilization on yielding and leaf mineral composition of highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.)
Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 215–225
Beata Król
Yield and chemical composition of flower heads of selected cultivars of pot marigold (Calendula officinalis L.)
Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 227–237
Ljiljana Bošković-Rakočević, Tomo Milošević, Jelena Milivojević, Gorica Paunović
Impact of cultivar on the nutritional status of the young apricot trees (Prunus armeniaca L.)
Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 239–249
Krzysztof Sobieralski, Marek Siwulski, Lidia Błaszczyk, Barbara Frąszczak, Iwona Sas-Golak
Impact of infections with Trichoderma pleurotum and Trichoderma pleuroticola isolates on yielding of wild strains of Pleurotus ostreatus (Fr.) Kumm. obtained from natural sites

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