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Issue 12 (6) 2013


Issue 12 (6) 2013 pp. 3–11
Piotr Siwek, Andrzej Libik, Izabela Zawiska
The impact of biodegradable nonwoven fabric covers on the yield and quality of overwintering onions
Issue 12 (6) 2013 pp. 13–32
Andrzej Borowy
Growth and yield of ‘Hamburg’ parsley under no-tillage cultivation using white mustard as a cover crop
Issue 12 (6) 2013 pp. 33–44
Romuald Doliński, Anna Olek
Micropropagation of wild chicory (Cichorium intybus L. var. silvestre Bisch.) from leaf explants
Issue 12 (6) 2013 pp. 45–56
Magdalena Kapłan, Piotr Baryła, Marcela Krawiec, Piotr Kiczorowski
Effect of N Pro technology and Seactiv complex on growth, yield quantity and quality of ‘Szampion’ apple trees
Issue 12 (6) 2013 pp. 57–66
Maria Tendaj, Barbara Mysiak
The effect of summer seedling planting dates on the development of seed stalks in shallot (Allium cepa L. var. ascalonicum Backer)
Issue 12 (6) 2013 pp. 67–75
Joanna Nowak, Jacek S. Nowak
CO2 enrichment and mycorrhizal effects on cutting growth and some physiological traits of cuttings during rooting
Issue 12 (6) 2013 pp. 77–91
Ewa Dorota Król, Zofia Machowicz-Stefaniak, Ewa Dorota Zalewska, Mariusz Szmagara
Culture conditions of Phoma negriana Thüm and the fungus pathogenicity towards grape-vine canes
Issue 12 (6) 2013 pp. 93–102
Marcela Krawiec, Krzysztof Kornarzyński, Salwina Palonka, Magdalena Kapłan, Piotr Baryła, Piotr Kiczorowski
Does the magnetic field improve the quality of radish seeds?
Issue 12 (6) 2013 pp. 103–113
Dragan Milatović, Dragan Nikolić, Milica Fotirić-Akšić, Aleksandar Radović
Testing of self-(in)compatibility in apricot cultivars using fluorescence microscopy
Issue 12 (6) 2013 pp. 115–125
Nurhan Keskin, Burçak İşçi, Zeliha Gökbayrak
Effects of cane-girdling and cluster and berry thinning on berry organic acids of four Vitis vinifera L. table grape cultivars
Issue 12 (6) 2013 pp. 127–142
Eugeniusz Kołota, Katarzyna Adamczewska-Sowińska
Living mulches in vegetable crops production: perspectives and limitations (a reviev)
Issue 12 (6) 2013 pp. 143–155
Sławomir Dresler, Waldemar Maksymiec
Capillary zone electrophoresis for determination of reduced and oxidised ascorbate and glutathione in roots and leaf segments of zea mays plants exposed to Cd and Cu
Issue 12 (6) 2013 pp. 157–165
Janusz Lipecki, Tadeusz Jacyna, Tomasz Lipa, Iwona Szot
The quality of apple nursery trees of knip-boom type as affected by the methods of propagation
Issue 12 (6) 2013 pp. 167–181
Priit Põldma, Ulvi Moor, Tõnu Tõnutare, Koit Herodes, Riin Rebane
Selenium treatment under field conditions affects mineral nutrition, yield and antioxidant properties of bulb onion (Allium cepa L.)
Issue 12 (6) 2013 pp. 183–196
Halina Buczkowska, Jan Dyduch, Agnieszka Najda
Capsaicinoids in hot pepper depending on fruit maturity stage and harvest date
Issue 12 (6) 2013 pp. 197–213
Danuta Kozak, Magdalena Stelmaszczuk
Comparison of Allium aflatunense B. Fedtsch. ‘Purple Sensation’ and Allium karataviense Regel. ‘Ivory Queen’ regenerative capabilities in tissue culture
Issue 12 (6) 2013 pp. 215–225
Elżbieta Patkowska, Mirosław Konopiński
Fungi threatening scorzonera (Scorzonera hispanica L.) cultivation using plant mulches
Issue 12 (6) 2013 pp. 227–239
Ewa Rożek, Renata Nurzyńska-Wierdak, Maria Kosior
Efficiency of some agrotechnical treatments in quantity and quality yield modification of leaf celery (Apium graveolens L. var. secalinum Alef.)

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