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Issue 13 (5) 2014


Issue 13 (5) 2014 pp. 3–12
Hasan Yilmaz
Analysis in terms of apple producers of government supported crop insurance policies as a risk management tool in Turkey
Issue 13 (5) 2014 pp. 13–24
Shuyi Shi, Zhifen Zhang, Zhonglan Zhang, Shoujun Yang
Arbuscular mycorrhizal Glomus versiforme induced bioprotection of apple tree against scar skin disease
Issue 13 (5) 2014 pp. 25–38
Władysław Kadłubiec, Marta Lenort, Maria Kelm, Ireneusz Sosna
The reproductive capacity of spider mites (acari: tetranychidae) population in single- and multi-leader apple tree crowns of Elstar and Jonagold cvs.
Issue 13 (5) 2014 pp. 39–48
Katarzyna Adamczewska-Sowińska, Eugeniusz Kołota
Yield, morphological characteristics and nutritional value of new pseudostem – type cultivars of Japanese bunching onion
Issue 13 (5) 2014 pp. 49–60
Krzysztof Klamkowski, Anna Tryngiel-Gać, Waldemar Treder
Studies on the effect of growing medium and monopotassium phosphate on rooting and quality of strawberry potted plantlets
Issue 13 (5) 2014 pp. 61–75
Alina Pastucha, Elżbieta Mielniczuk, Małgorzata Cegiełko, Irena Kiecana
Fungi infecting ornamental grasses and the pathogenicity of Fusarium culmorum (W.G.Sm.) Sacc. and Fusarium equiseti (Corda) Sacc. to selected species
Issue 13 (5) 2014 pp. 77–90
Ivana S. Glišić, Ivan Glišić, Nebojša Milošević, Tomo Milošević
Determination of size and shape properties of apricots using multivariate analysis
Issue 13 (5) 2014 pp. 91–105
Agata Konarska
Differences in the structure of fruit buds in two apple cultivars with particular emphasis on features responsible for fruit storability and quality
Issue 13 (5) 2014 pp. 107–115
Barbara Mysiak, Salwina Palonka, Marcela Krawiec, Maria Tendaj
The effect of cultivation method on selected traits related to the sowing value of shallot (Allium cepa L. var. ascalonicum Backer) seed
Issue 13 (5) 2014 pp. 117–129
Agata Goryluk-Salmonowicz, Małgorzata Borys, Hanna Rekosz-Burlaga
Cultivable microorganisms inhabiting the aerial parts of Hypericum perforatum
Issue 13 (5) 2014 pp. 131–143
Marcin Kolasiński, Sławomir Świerczyński, Aleksander Stachowiak
Growth and yielding of sweet cherry trees grafted on new biotypes of Prunus mahaleb (L.)
Issue 13 (5) 2014 pp. 145–162
Sezai Ercisli, Ayse Usanmaz, Kerziban Coban, Saban Kordali, Memis Kesdek
Larvicidal effect of some plant extracts on the pine processionary moth, Thaumetopoea pityocampa (Denis & schiffermuller) in laboratory conditions
Issue 13 (5) 2014 pp. 163–176
Behzad Kaviani, Ali Mohammadi Torkashvand
The growth of camellia in peanut shelles compost media in different concentrations of potassium
Issue 13 (5) 2014 pp. 177–185
Henryk Pospieszny, Julia Minicka, Beata Hasiów-Jaroszewska
Cross-protection between different pathotypes of Pepino mosaic virus representing Chilean 2 genotype
Issue 13 (5) 2014 pp. 187–196
Margot Dudkiewicz, Wojciech Durlak, Danuta Kozak, Magdalena Pogorzelec, Marek Dąbski, Marzena Parzymies
Rooting of a trumpet creeper (Campsis radicans (L.) Seem.) microshoots in presence of auxins
Issue 13 (5) 2014 pp. 197–209
Teresa Piętka, Marzena Masierowska
Variability in nectar and pollen production in flowers of double-low lines of white mustard (Sinapis alba L.) and their attractiveness to honey bees
Issue 13 (5) 2014 pp. 211–224
Sławomir Michałek, Barbara Hawrylak-Nowak, Edward Borowski
The response of lettuce to fluorescent light and led light relative to different nitrogen nutrition of plants

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