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Issue 3 (1) 2004


Issue 3 (1) 2004 pp. 3–9
Beata Janowska, Marek Jerzy
Effect of gibberellic acid on the post-harvest flower longevity of Zantedeschia elliottiana (W. Wats) Engl.
Issue 3 (1) 2004 pp. 11–23
Marek Jerzy, Anita Schroeter
The dynamics of growth and flowering of marigold cultivated from trans-plants treated with different retardants used to leaves and directly to peat-substrate
Issue 3 (1) 2004 pp. 25–36
Maria Licznar-Małańczuk
Relationship between air temperature and phenological phases the beginning of the growing season and blooming period of two apple cultivars in Wrocław area
Issue 3 (1) 2004 pp. 37–45
Roman Rolbiecki
Effects of microirrigation of chosen cultivars of winter squash (Cucurbita maxima Duch. F.) cultivated on the very light soil
Issue 3 (1) 2004 pp. 47–54
Ireneusz Sosna
The estimation of the production value of several plum cultivars grafted on ‘myrobalan’ seedlings in Wrocław area
Issue 3 (1) 2004 pp. 55–60
Justyna Wieniarska, Elżbieta Szember, Iwona Szot, Danuta Murawska
The comparison of quality of three cultivars of hazelnut Corylus avellana L.
Issue 3 (1) 2004 pp. 61–74
Beata Zimowska, Zofia Machowicz-Stefaniak
Fungi threatening with cultivation of St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum L.) in the Lublin province
Issue 3 (1) 2004 pp. 75–87
Piotr Chmielowiec, Andrzej Borowy
Evaluation of bentazon and metolachlor in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) ’Bona’ crop
Issue 3 (1) 2004 pp. 89–96
Bożena Denisow
The influence of artificial wind blow on the pollination and fructification of blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum L.) cultivars
Issue 3 (1) 2004 pp. 97–105
Romualda Jabłońska-Ceglarek, Robert Rosa, Anna Zaniewicz-Bajkowska, Jolanta Franczuk
The quantity and quality of celeriac ‘Odrzański’ yield cultivated after green manures and soil liming
Issue 3 (1) 2004 pp. 107–114
Danuta Pięta, Halina Laskowska
Fungi dangerous to Acidanthera bicolor Hochst.
Issue 3 (1) 2004 pp. 115–123
Zofia Machowicz-Stefaniak, Ewa Zalewska
The pathogenicity of Fusarium Spp. to thyme (Thymus vulgaris L.)
Issue 3 (1) 2004 pp. 125–135
Justyna Lema-Rumińska, Małgorzata Zalewska
Studies on flower pigments of chrysanthemum mutants: Nero and Wonder groups
Issue 3 (1) 2004 pp. 137–143
Grażyna Kowalska, Halina Buczkowska
Effectiveness of plants topping at eggplant cultivation in plastic tunnel
Issue 3 (1) 2004 pp. 145–151
Jan Dyduch, Katarzyna Janowska
Yielding of some parsley (Pertoselinum sativum L. ssp crispum) cultivars
Issue 3 (1) 2004 pp. 153–164
Iwona Kowalska
The effect of different sulphate levels in the nutrient solution and type of medium on the yield, mineral composition and quality of tomato grown in the NFT
Issue 3 (1) 2004 pp. 165–174
Marzena Błażewicz-Woźniak
Primary weed infestation of carrot in conservation tillage

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