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Issue 4 (1) 2005


Issue 4 (1) 2005 pp. 3–10
Jan M. Ben, Małgorzata Koszorz
Effect of rootstock on ca concentration in different parts of apples
Issue 4 (1) 2005 pp. 11–19
Maciej Gąstoł, Władysław Poniedziałek
Effect of different dwarfing methods on calcium content in different apple tree organs
Issue 4 (1) 2005 pp. 21–30
Massimo Tagliavini, Peter Millard
Fluxes of nitrogen within deciduous fruit trees
Issue 4 (1) 2005 pp. 31–38
Anna Bieniek, Zdzisław Kawecki
Evaluation of root system of seedling of black cherry (Padus serotina L.) depending on seed quality
Issue 4 (1) 2005 pp. 39–46
Włodzimierz Breś, Marek Jerzy
Effect of the planting date on micronutritional status of pot chrysanthemums from the time group in all-year-round culture
Issue 4 (1) 2005 pp. 47–57
Endre Szűcs
Some aspects of integrated plant nutrition in orchards
Issue 4 (1) 2005 pp. 59–67
Tamara V. Ryabtseva, Nadezhda G. Kapichnikova, Natalya A. Mikhaĭlovskaya
Influence of soil application of biological and mineral fertilizers on the growth, yield, and fruit biochemical components of  ‘Charavnitsa’ apple, and on some agrochemical soil characteristics
Issue 4 (1) 2005 pp. 69–76
Anna Pietranek, Ewa Jadczuk
Mineral status of ’Katja’ apple trees depending on irrigation, fertilisation and rootstock
Issue 4 (1) 2005 pp. 77–83
Wojciech Tyksiński, Joanna Kurdubska
Differences in cadmium and lead accumulation by lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) depending on the cultivar
Issue 4 (1) 2005 pp. 85–97
Agata Konarska
Changes in the development and structure of Raphanus sativus L. var. radicula Pers. root under aluminum stress conditions
Issue 4 (1) 2005 pp. 99–107
Danuta Pięta, Tadeusz Kęsik
The occurrence of antagonistic micro-organisms in the soil after the cultivation of spring rye and common vetch
Issue 4 (1) 2005 pp. 109–118
Ireneusz Sosna
Growth and cropping of several scab-resistant apple cultivars on six rootstocks
Issue 4 (1) 2005 pp. 119–129
Piotr Baryła, Magdalena Kapłan
The estimation of the growth and the branching of the six stocks under the cherry and the sweet cherry trees
Issue 4 (1) 2005 pp. 131–137
Magdalena Kapłan, Piotr Baryła
The effect of rootstock and age trees on the growth and cropping of Szampion cultivar apple trees
Issue 4 (1) 2005 pp. 139–152
Maria Szymańska, Renata Matraszek
Reaction of the sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) to nickel conditioned by the way of metal penetration
Issue 4 (1) 2005 pp. 153–161
Małgorzata Makowska, Edward Borowski, Anna Ziemba
The gas exchanche and yielding of strawberry plants cultivated in black soil and sandy soil with the addition of hydrogel
Issue 4 (1) 2005 pp. 163–171
Barbara Łata, Aleksandra Trąmpczyńska, Agnieszka Mike
Effect of cultivar and harvest date on thiols, ascorbate and phenolic compounds content in blueberries

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