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Issue 4 (2) 2005


Issue 4 (2) 2005 pp. 3–10
Maria Kamińska, Hanna Śliwa, Tadeusz Malinowski
Partial characterisation of Cucumber mosaic virus isolate infecting Lonicera caprifolium L. plants
Issue 4 (2) 2005 pp. 11–19
Barbara Marjańska-Cichoń, Anna Sapieha-Waszkiewicz, Ryszard Miętkiewski
The influence of biopreparations and synthetic fungicides on growth on micorrhizal fungus Oidiodendron sp. in vitro
Issue 4 (2) 2005 pp. 21–26
Katarzyna Rogaś, Marek Grabowski
The effect of autumn infection of apple leaves on the occurrence of the conidial stage of fungus Venturia inaequalis (Cooke) Aderh. On One-Year-Old Shoots
Issue 4 (2) 2005 pp. 27–37
Maria Bartyńska, Waldemar Mirski
Fungi occurring on Colorado blue spruce (Picea pungens Engelm.) in the Cracow Botanic Garden
Issue 4 (2) 2005 pp. 39–44
Jan Kućmierz, Anna Kaczyńska
Fungi isolated from Verbena hybrida seeds, their pathogenicity to seedlings and attempts at their control
Issue 4 (2) 2005 pp. 45–57
Przemysław Bąbelewski, Mieczysław Czekalski
Distribution of tree-of-heaven, Ailanthus altissima (Mill.) Swingle, in Wrocław, Lower Silesia, Poland
Issue 4 (2) 2005 pp. 59–67
Danuta Pięta, Elżbieta Patkowska, Alina Pastucha
The protective effect of biopreparations applied as the dressing for common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) and pea (Pisum sativum L.)
Issue 4 (2) 2005 pp. 69–77
Alina Pastucha
The effect of chitosan on the formation of microorganism communities in the rhizosphere soil of soybean
Issue 4 (2) 2005 pp. 79–87
Barbara Marcinek, Jerzy Hetman
Yielding of Sparaxis tricolor Ker.-Gawl. according to term and depth of planting in Lubelszczyzna region
Issue 4 (2) 2005 pp. 89–99
Elżbieta Patkowska
The effect of biopreparations on the formation of rhizosphere microorganism populations of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill.)
Issue 4 (2) 2005 pp. 101–110
Ewa Skutnik, Julita Rabiza-Świder
Effect of pulsing with growth regulators on senescence of the detached cold-stored leaves of Zantedeschia aethiopica Spr. and Hosta ‘Undulata Erromena’
Issue 4 (2) 2005 pp. 111–122
Barbara Sawicka, Piotr Pszczółkowski
Dry matter and carbohydrates content in the tubers of very early potato varieties cultivated under coverage
Issue 4 (2) 2005 pp. 123–128
Danuta Kozak, Jarosław Grodek
The consequent effect of growth retardants on the growth and development of Tibouchina urvilleana Cogn. shoots in vitro
Issue 4 (2) 2005 pp. 129–137
Bożenna Jaśkiewicz
Analysis of the aphid population colonizing roses in different types of city green areas of lublin

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