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Issue 5 (1) 2006


Issue 5 (1) 2006 pp. 3–9
Zbigniew Jarosz
Effect of differents types of potassiumfertilization on the yielding of greenhouse tomatoes grown in various substrates
Issue 5 (1) 2006 pp. 11–18
Zbigniew Jarosz
Effect of differents types of potassium fertilisation on the chemical composition of leaves and fruits of greenhouse tomatoes grown in various substrates
Issue 5 (1) 2006 pp. 19–25
Katarzyna Skupień
Evaluation of chemical composition of fresh and frozen blueberry fruit (Vaccinium corymbosum L.)
Issue 5 (1) 2006 pp. 27–35
Sylwia Nesterowicz, Danuta Kulpa, Katarzyna Moder, Jadwiga Kurek
Micropropagation of an old specimen of common lilac (Syringa vulgaris L.) from the dendrological garden at Przelewice
Issue 5 (1) 2006 pp. 37–44
Anna Kocira, Halina Laskowska
Influence of herbicides and organic mulches on yield and quality of flowers of Acidanthera bicolor var. Murielae Perry
Issue 5 (1) 2006 pp. 45–52
Piotr Baryła, Magdalena Kapłan
The effect of stocks on the quality of young trees and the nursery efficiency of cherry trees cv. ‘Łutówka’
Issue 5 (1) 2006 pp. 53–63
Renata Nurzyńska-Wierdak
The effect of nitrogen fertilization on yield and chemical composition of garden rocket (Eruca sativa Mill.) in autumn cultivation
Issue 5 (1) 2006 pp. 65–70
Danuta Kozak
The effect of growth retardants applied in vitro on the acclimatization and growth of Tibouchina urvilleana Cogn. in vivo
Issue 5 (1) 2006 pp. 71–78
Danuta Pięta, Tadeusz Kęsik
Pathogenic soilborne fungi of onion cultivated after cover crops: spring rye and common vetch
Issue 5 (1) 2006 pp. 79–89
Magdalena Kapłan, Piotr Baryła
The effect of growth regulators on the quality of two-year-old apple trees of ‘Š ampion’ and ‘Jonica’ cultivars

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