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Issue 7 (3) 2008


Issue 7 (3) 2008 pp. 3–14
Anna Szura, Iwona Kowalska, Włodzimierz Sady
The content of mineral and protein nitrogen in red beet depending on nitrogen fertilizer type and fertilization method
Issue 7 (3) 2008 pp. 15–24
Katarzyna Dzida, Karolina Pitura
The influence of varied nitrogen fertilization on yield and chemical composition of swiss chard (Beta vulgaris L. var. cicla L.)
Issue 7 (3) 2008 pp. 25–31
Elżbieta Kozik, Wojciech Tyksiński, Andrzej Komosa
Effect of chelated and mineral forms of micronutrients on their content in leaves and the yield of lettuce. Part II. Copper
Issue 7 (3) 2008 pp. 33–39
Barbara Kołodziej
The effect of plantation establishment method and atonik application in goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea L. ssp. virgaurea) cultivation
Issue 7 (3) 2008 pp. 41–55
Alina Pastucha
Chitosan as a compound inhibiting the occurrence of soybean diseases
Issue 7 (3) 2008 pp. 57–63
Elżbieta Pogroszewska, Patrycja Sadkowska
The effect of benzyladenine on the flowering of Campanula persicifolia L. ‘Alba’ cultivated in an unheated plastic tunnel and in the field
Issue 7 (3) 2008 pp. 65–75
Danuta Pięta, Tadeusz Kęsik
The influence of after-crop plant mulch and onion cultivation on microorganism composition in soil
Issue 7 (3) 2008 pp. 77–86
Marzena Wińska-Krysiak, Joanna Bernat
Lead tolerance mechanisms in robinia pseudoaccacia l. –an attempt to a practical approach
Issue 7 (3) 2008 pp. 87–92
Agnieszka Krzymińska
Usefulness of some hyacinths cultivars for forcing in water
Issue 7 (3) 2008 pp. 93–102
Włodzimierz Krzesiński, Monika Gąsecka, Jerzy Stachowiak, Adam Żurawicz, Mikołaj Knaflewski, Piotr Goliński
The effect of plant age and crown size of asparagus on fern growth in terms of carbohydrate balance
Issue 7 (3) 2008 pp. 103–111
Mariusz Szmagara
Possibilities of growth and development suppression of Topospora myrtilli (Feltg.) Boerema on artificial media and stems of highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.)

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